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Thai Yoga Massage

A mat-based, therapeutic style of bodywork

What is mat-based therapeutic bodywork?

This isn't your typical massage session. Originating in India and later migrating to Thailand, Buddhist monks use this style of bodywork as a part of their practice. Because they meditate for long periods of time, their hips often become stiff and painful. To alleviate the discomfort, the monks work on one another using this unique style of bodywork. After the session is completed, the monks can return to meditation with better posture, relaxed hips, and deeper breathing.

I draw from 13 years of experience and have trained in Thai massage, acupressure, Tui Na, deep tissue, medical massage, sports massage, and Yoga. This style of massage is often referred to as "Thai Yoga Massage." It offers unique leverage that allows for deeper stretches that aren't possible on a table. With mat-based bodywork, I incorporate my years of training to custom-tailor a therapy session that suits your needs. I utilize oil and cream-free stretching, deep pressure using hands, forearms, elbows, knees, legs, and feet, as well as body rocking and other techniques to help you get back to life without pain.

Thai Yoga Massage Sessions


Importance of Yoga

Yoga has changed the foundation of my life. It has helped to correct poor posture, strengthen my body, and improve my state of mind. There are many benefits that come with a regular yoga practice. Yoga helps to calm the nervous system, improve flexibility, build muscle strength, correct posture, improves blood flow, lower blood pressure, and improve mood. My focus with yoga is to offer poses, breath work, and guided meditation to help bring your body back to a balanced state and get you back to living life.

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